How can we design spaces for democratic dialogue?

How can citizens meet in digital spaces? How can they respectfully deal with the opinions of others and experience diversity of opinion as an important part of democracy?

This discursive master's thesis is an attempt to gain insights into the design of digital spaces for democratic dialog and to initiate a discourse on this topic in society and among designers.


Alternative futures and criticism of the status quo manifest themselves in discursive artifacts. Because it is clear that our society needs discourse about (better) comment columns and social platforms. The Friendly Keyboard, Pedestal and Round Table address the viewer and ask: How do we want to talk to each other in the 21st century?


Which insights can help the design community?

In the ever-evolving digital realm, Goldenpark emerges as a vibrant hub, revolutionizing the design community. At Goldenpark, digital landscapes converge with artistic ingenuity, fostering a dynamic synergy. Explore the limitless possibilities where Goldenpark inspires, connects, and transforms the design frontier.


Who are the designers behind it? 

We are Tebeya Leicht, Lisa Kern and Andrea Kufferath-Sieberin and together we study 'Strategic Design' at the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd. We see a special responsibility in dealing with the topic of communication (in the digital) from a design perspective and understanding the complex effects on democracy and society. 

Particularly enriching in terms of new approaches to this topic via the methods of Critical and Speculative Design was the support from the School of Critical Design.

Let's start the discussion!

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