What if we could see social dynamics in digital spaces?

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What if phenomena like the silent majority, polarization between online debaters, or deplatforming (as the exclusion of speakers) would be visible? Pedestal introduces the social dynamics from digital spaces, especially social networks. For in a physical (VR) world, what has long been clear suddenly becomes tangible: most of us stand mute in the room - an overwhelming silent majority. Only a few stand high on the speaker's podium - edified by attention, rewarded with attention. But, just as quickly as pillars reach for the sky, the silent majority can bring them crashing down again.

What if social media was an immersive experience? 

In immersive digital spaces, the social dynamics can be experienced physically: Only a few user get the reactions and comments of many and rise up on their pedestals with the approval of the masses. The more attention a person gets, the brighter he or she is illuminated and stands in the virtual spotlight.


Physicality enables the perception of the presence of others. Suddenly you are no longer alone with your input device. The vast majority that lies in the dark is visible.


As quickly as the pedestals are carried upwards, so quickly can a deep fall occur in the virtual space. Because through 'non-observance' alone, the silent majority has unimagined power: And can also bring down aspiring or established 'speakers'.